Apr. 22, 2018

Vidix Review - Best Review, Launch Discount & Useful Bonuses

Before I bounce into my Vidix Review today, I first want to indicate my new site design!  I started out NichePursuits.com on the WordPress theme that cost me about $37 and a custom logo which i part payed for and part hacked jointly.

That theme and brand did perfectly for me for approximately 4 years, but I've finally up to date the site yesterday evening.  I'm happy with the new look plus some of the cool features that the website now offers.

I'll dedicate a complete post to the new design and exactly how it effects conversions, time on site, fill time, traffic, and much more.  And undoubtedly if you are scanning this a couple of months or years after November 2014, then this intro has been completely pointless for you...my bad ?

Overall, I have already been making a great deal of shifts in my own business.  The the one which I have reviewed the most is my change from concentrating on building plenty of smaller niche websites to building just one single larger topic site(specialist site).

I've focused lots of time and energy upon this blog with the Specific niche market Site Job 1 and 2.  Given that I'm concentrating on an power site, is all that information from past projects no more valid?  Definitely not!

Actually, the huge most everything I've written upon this blog continues to be very appropriate.  However, there are a few key dissimilarities (with link constructing specifically) that I wish to point out.

Overall, I wish to discuss what techniques and techniques still make an application for both small niche websites and expert sites.  Let's hop in...


ONCE I look back again at the old content I published for Area of interest Site Job 1 (my success knife site), I had been surprised to note that the content continues to be very applicable generally.  From the 27 content written for this job, I wouldn't change anything written in 24.  Quite simply, only 3 of the 27 content involve some information that should be updated.

In the MUSCLE BUILDING 101 Review, 21 from the 25 posts remain great information.  Essentially, the only content that are outdated is the hyperlink building posts...which recent post virtually amounts up why.

Overall, the strategy is really quite similar between your two.  However, there are a few key distinctions that I'll discuss below.

So, here are a couple things that contain not changed.

Keyword research continues to be just about the same.  Whether you are building a tiny specific niche market site or a huge authority site, you'll still desire to be finding long tail keywords that are easy to rank for.  I've harped upon this pretty hard, and everything my posts distributed about key word research remain great training earth.

For article marketing, you nevertheless still need to be creating valuable and original content.  This remains unchanged.  I've distributed multiple posts upon this subject in my own previous projects.

You'll still want a brandable website, no exact match site.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually protected outreach and visitor posting quite somewhat in the next niche site job. This sort of link constructing still works.

So, the bottom line is practically everything I protected before during the market site assignments about key word research, content creation, branding, and even some link constructing is still what you would like to be doing for an specialist site.

However, you may already know, there are a few key distinctions as well.

4 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Specific niche market AND Power SITES

The 4 major variations within an power site strategy is thinking about the entire market, several content changes, link constructing, and traffic options.

1. Market Research

If you build an specialist site, you want to ensure you are entering market that is big enough.  This usually is no problem; however, it will be needs to be looked at.

For instance, the topic site built for niche market site task one about success cutlery was maybe big enough, but a transfer to the entire survival market rather than just knives could have been ideal.  This change might have been made with a straightforward domain change.

However, aPennyShaved.com is merely fine as is for an power site.  We chosen a great market, shaving, that has tons of related products and keywords.  Don't trust me that shaving is a huge enough market to develop an power site on?  Notify that to Eric Bandholdz of BeardBrand.com that is making over $100,000 per month.

He was just on Shark Reservoir the other day and disclosed those numbers.

I'll dive deeper in another post about general market trends.  However, the bottom line is, you merely want to be sure there are several related keywords with good search amounts.  Everything you don't wish to accomplish is pack your site into to only covering a subject like "best racoon bait" or various other narrow market.

2. Content Differences

I mentioned recently that key word research for an specialist site is strictly the same, and that is true.  However, as Gael Breton stated in my own recent podcast, no more than 50% of your articles might be centered on keywords.  The other 50% is probable heading to be targeted more on shareable matters.

Brian Dean has distributed his skyscraper way of ways to produce the other 50% of your articles that's not as keyword centered.  This is an excellent was never to only produce great content, but to also garner great white head wear links.

The other key target with content is quality for an power site.  I've always explained this, even in my own niche site tasks, but its even more critical with expert sites.  You should be creating content that will stand the test of time, and truly is valuable to the viewers.

This may entail writing much longer articles (Perrin and I write 3,000 term articles for our specialist site task),  or it might just mean providing an improved resource than happens to be on the net.  For an power site, it's not simply about seeking to rank in Yahoo, its about seeking to really help people.