May. 22, 2018

With 2018 going full bore and Blue Monday behind us, numerous advertisers are well in progress with plans for whatever is left of the year – yet would they say they are using the best systems and focussing on the most creative methods? Retailers can ensure they augment their chance to pull in, hold and joy clients during the time with these straightforward crusades;

Lists of things to get

A few retailers are using personalisation to push item deals, e.g. Ugg consolidated customized recordings into a Facebook Messenger Bot for a Christmas Wishlist crusade. This urged their fans to post an "Insight" video of the Ugg Boots they needed to be purchased for Christmas.

The business transformation aftereffects of the crusade were phenomenal, with 38% of recordings made bringing about a client clicking "Purchase Now" and being connected through to the Ugg online business site. Moreover, 34% of visits to the video point of arrival brought about the customized video being shared or downloaded. See the full contextual analysis Flickstr Review.

Retailers could join a comparative crusade into their standard client correspondences, around every single exceptional event. Valentine's Day, occasional advancements, client birthday events and uncommon occasions could all furnish chances to connect with clients with a 'List of things to get Bot', enabling you to assemble client inclinations and target them with customized, shareable substance.

Occasion and Product Launches

Preferably, we as a whole need to influence our promoting to spend work that tad harder. For Missguided, one basic approach to intensify their #NaughtyList crusade was to convey customized recordings to anybody joining on Twitter to discover when a mystery deal date was reported. See the full contextual analysis Fast Cash 5 Review

In the number one spot up to the deal, natural intensification empowered 400+% tweet commitment increments. Upon the arrival of the deal, broke under the strain of such a significant number of clients endeavoring to get online without a moment's delay, constraining them to broaden both the personalisation battle and the deal keeping in mind the end goal to give everybody got in the build-up an opportunity to exploit the arrangement. Altogether, 44% of every single customized video were loved, and the battle earned more than 1.2 million impressions from only 3 invitation to take action posts.

For retailers, any occasion or item dispatches could be enhanced with comparative achievement. Basically urge clients to connect with your own "Retweet to Remind" battles, however amplify the range of the crusade by guaranteeing their updates come as a fun and exceedingly shareable customized video.

Gamification and Giveaways

Influencing an opposition or voucher to battle fun or sharable isn't generally a simple assignment, which is the reason Pizza Express have selected to go the personalisation course for 4 of their current rivalries and giveaways!

All the more as of late for their "Pick a Passata" crusade, section was by means of a Messenger Bot, open through a searchable Messenger QR code on handouts in eatery. Clients could pick which Passata tin they needed to upset, in the expectations of finding a tricky doughball stowing away underneath. Discovering doughballs implied winning complimentary gifts, and in addition picking up passage into a bigger rivalry. To see the full contextual investigation, click here for Pick a Passata or here for their Christmas "Shake The Tree" battle.

For retailers, all opposition participants on Twitter or Facebook could naturally get local, customized video answers to fill them in regarding whether they've won, to wish them luckiness, or to just affirm receipt of their entrance. On the other hand, rivalries could be worked around a gamified video workman, similar to Covert Copy Traffic Pro V2 Review. The inventive ways video personalisation can be customized to this sort of battle are perpetual!

Make It Personal

EchoMany is a Video Personalisation Platform that enables you to powerfully implant client information into very captivating and inventive video layouts. Connecting to Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or E-Marketing efforts rapidly and effortlessly, EchoMany can pull any information or media into a video, customizing it in a horde of various ways.

Regardless of whether you need to consolidate CRM Customer Data, Public Profile information from Twitter or Facebook, UGC or Messenger Bot reactions, EchoMany can work with you to construct and outline a battle that enhances degree of profitability, diminishes cost per commitment and drives positive brand mindfulness.

Our exceedingly inventive group of strategists, fashioners and engineers are prepared and holding up to enable you 'To make It Personal' – so connect to discover more.

On the off chance that you are a consistent client of online networking stages, you know how unavoidable video has progressed toward becoming. You can't look through a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram encourage without seeing video content from your companions or potentially marks you take after.

Consider Shopify CASH Momentum 2.0 Review:

•           500 million individuals watch recordings on Facebook consistently

•           More than 5 billion video sees are scored on YouTube every day

•           Approximately 82 percent of Twitter clients watch video content

Video has turned into the go-to type of media to catch the consideration of an online networking crowd. The brands that utilization video most successfully have each part of it down to a science, from the length and angle proportion of their recordings to the kinds of substance they make.

Past making high caliber, intriguing recordings, here are a couple of speedy specialized tips to enable you to get greater commitment out of your recordings on the absolute most oftentimes utilized online networking stages.


Around 60 percent of YouTube recordings are viewed on cell phones, with that number rising each year. It is an especially magnificent stage for DIY recordings, instructional exercises, off camera recordings and tributes, yet you'll have the capacity to discover pretty much anything on YouTube.

The accompanying measures will set you up for greater commitment:

•           YouTube recordings ought to by and large be under five minutes to get the most commitment. In case you're meaning to go longer, the substance ought to be profoundly captivating.

•           The perfect angle proportion for YouTube recordings is 16:9.

•           You should ring activity (CTA) some place around the 30-second stamp.

•           Any promotions before the video starts ought to be quick and painless.


Facebook and Instagram clients have shorter capacities to focus than YouTube clients, since they're likely simply looking through their nourishes amid down circumstances. Perfect length for a Facebook video is around one moment, with the initial three seconds being particularly vital for catching the consideration of watchers.

Here are some extra tips:

•           When going "live," ensure you have an arrangement ahead of time so your gathering of people is now on the web. It can declare live recordings previously you make them.

•           The sorts of recordings that get the most commitment on Facebook have a tendency to be clever recordings, DIY tips, item presentations and inspiring reason recordings.

•           The perfect viewpoint proportion for Facebook recordings is 16:9.

•           Use convincing subtitles to pull in watchers. This is particularly essential since recordings are consequently set to play without sound unless the watcher turns on that sound. This implies you ought to likewise have simple visuals.


Twitter is an awesome place to share video content, and has turned out to be particularly perfect for sharing news-related recordings, essentially as a result of how much news tends to break on Twitter. Twitter encourages tend to look over the speediest, so shorter recordings that catch eye rapidly are basic.

•           Ideal video length of Twitter recordings is 30 seconds to a moment.

•           Aspect proportion ought to be 2.39:1 to give the best client encounter.

•           Use a portable first approach, as around 90 percent of all Twitter recordings are viewed on cell phones.

•           Focus on marking as opposed to advancement when sharing video content on Twitter, as clients for the most part are on Twitter to accumulate data, not important to settle on buy choices.

24 April 2017

Organizations today can't disregard the portable channel as a key medium to reach and draw in with customers. The advanced channel makes up over 60% of aggregate promotion spending in the UK this year. In 2018, portable alone is anticipated to make up about half of the aggregate promotion spending in the nation, multiplying publicizing interests in TV*.

The cell phone is a key touchpoint for any publicizing effort today, enabling promoters to convey marked substance to hyper-exact crowds with a custom fitted message. The Subway battle contextual investigation is a case of how sponsors can connect their computerized promoting speculations with disconnected effect inside genuine eateries. In this cell phone just crusade, the promoter's goal was to support movement into stores among fast food buyers in the region. The crusade set up hyper exact client focusing on parameters with a geo-fencing system around eateries amid opening hours. Following the month-long battle, in excess of 200K purchasers went into a Subway eatery having seen the advertisement crusade on their cell phones. An effective portable battle needs to go past uncovering a versatile advertisement to the client, yet really securing commitment from buyers that lines up with the general business targets.

Promoters currently confront the unpredictable test of how to recognize diverse versatile automatic merchants when looking for exceptionally impactful crusades. There are two essential separating factors that they can recognize when contrasting innovation stages. To start with is picking innovation that host been reviewed by autonomous third-get-together associations like the Media Rating Council (MRC). Second, promoters should search out stages where they can hold full responsibility for battle information and experiences.

Post-crusade information is a priceless gold dig for future battles and inside and out bits of knowledge into shopper inclinations and practices for new items and business wanders. Without access and responsibility for experiences, promoters can't make sure that these significant information won't be imparted to

May. 21, 2018

Personalisation in an analogue world existed when the guy at the video store knew your name. As we move into an increasingly connected and switched-on digital age, personalisation is a powerful tool where a company knows what you want to buy before you’ve even thought about it. While basic personalisation is relatively easy to achieve – an email with a first name will just about do the trick, great personalisation – where you show up at the right time, in the right place, to the right person and say the right thing – is a little tougher to do.

But it’ worth it.

When you use the data you have at your disposal to create a rich and meaningful experience for your users, you’ll provide an interaction where you get someone to where they want to be, and you’ll do it faster and easier. Every digital marketing agency worth its salt is seeking new ways to understand how best to create a personalised experience, and Captipic Review’s an exciting development to watch unfold.

Personalisation: explained

When we personalise something, we are helping an audience to have a richer experience with content or information that they have shown a preference for, while also selecting what kind of content they might interact with in the future. At the heart of all marketing management lies the desire to present the best possible information in the most attractive way, at the right time.

The Internet has transformed the way in which contemporary businesses create relationships with consumers. Instead of collecting customer information though costly surveys, it’s possible to use analytic data and personal data to sculpt a user experience to ensure it’s tailored to a group or individual. The underlying assumption behind personalisation in marketing is that the overall message will be better received, and in EZ Traffic Blueprint Review this is correct.

A seamless experience

With consumers and users owning a variety of digital devices and using them to interact with the world in a range of ways, it was initially a challenge for companies and agencies to understand who they were speaking to – and to execute the personalisation strategy correctly. And yet, with an ever-increasing focus on the power of personalisation, more often than not, we’re seeing companies who are making real impacts with their consumers. With Amazon already doing a stellar job of personalised shopping (and launching in Australia in 2018), we can expect to see other online retailers following their lead of personalisation as a sales tool.

Why personalisation is power

When an experience is personalised, the user instantly feels a connection with the message. There’s an element of feeling understood. Consider the way in which Netflix personalizes our viewing, for example. We get a list of suggestions which are selected via algorithms – based on past viewing habits – to suit what we might like to watch next. The result as a user is that we feel understood and catered to by a company, which results in a better overall user experience. Then of course, there’s the times when it takes half an hour to choose a show… but we can’t blame our indecision on Netflix.

When good personalisation is done right, there’s a sense of feeling like we’ve taken a shortcut – like we didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of browsing and flipping through pages and screens – and we’ve been given exactly what we want. Sure, companies don’t always get it right, but as technology advances and we exchange more of our data with companies, the personalised experience will continue to develop.

The fact is, personalisation has the potential to deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend, and can lift sales by 10% or more. When it comes to personalisation for behavioural change, the impact can be huge. Leveraging personalisation for your message can be a vital part of your strategy – especially when used in conjunction with a greater mass media campaign.

How to personalise effectively

Effective personalisation relies on three core things: data discovery, automated decision making, and content distribution. The first step in personalisation is data discovery to source the information that will provide a meaningful insight about customers. Then, by using Crypto Fantasy Review, it’s possible to define the probability of customer engagement when presented with certain content or stimulus. Two-way communication is possible here, with information being used to signpost future messages and offers for customers. The final step is the distribution of personalised content. Specific ads depending on engagement with content and visits to certain websites will be rolled out to hopefully warm users and prospects. You have the power to offer personalised messages, experiences, services, and products. Depending on your company and customers, this can vary – but you must remember to offer something of genuine value and not to be creepy, like Target 

We will happily give up our data in exchange for personalisation, but there has to be value in what we are getting in return. Value comes in many forms, and you need to understand your market to know what they will find valuable. Personalisation is effective not only to encourage an action, but when it is used to make people feel like part of a group or collective. Using personalisation is an effective way to reach more people and create a greater change through your marketing. Understand the psychology, understand your market, and make the move.

Personalized marketing (or one-to-one marketing) can be defined in a number of ways, but at the most basic level, it can be explained as follows:

Personalized marketing is the implementation of a strategy by which companies deliver individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology.

The goal of personalized marketing is to truly engage customers or prospective customers by communicating with each as an individual.


You’re right, this all sounds impossible. To help break down personalized marketing and provide more clarity around the term, we’ve outlined below the benefits, challenges, frequently asked questions, and Emarsys resources on the topic.

The Benefits of Personalized Marketing

There are numerous advantages of personalized marketing, for both businesses and consumers. When strategies are implemented successfully, the following benefits come into play:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers are more comfortable providing personal information to their favorite brands if they get something in return. They fill out forms, download whitepapers, participate in surveys to get discounts, and indicate their favorite purchases or preferences. So, what’s the catch? With all of this customer data being offered, the consumer expects brands to protect any sensitive information and offer more personalized experiences when they come back.
  • Drive Revenue: By identifying and responding to the preferred channel for each customer, companies can increase ROI. With the right automation technology, marketers can identify which channel customers engage with, then automatically follow up across channels as part of an omnichannel approach.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty: When consumers provide information and data, they expect to be treated as unique individuals with specific preferences. Businesses that dedicate time and resources to implement successful personalized marketing strategies will benefit from a competitive advantage in both brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Create Consistency Across Channels: Consumers are interacting with brands across a number of channels, including email, social, mobile, etc., sometimes all in a single day. For this reason, it’s more important than ever for brands to create consistency across various channels. The in-store experience should match the app experience, which should match email messaging. You get the point.

Challenges of Personalized Marketing


Like all marketing strategies, there are challenges that arise when it comes to personalized marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the most common hurdles:

  • Finding the Right Technology: One of the biggest problems with personalized marketing comes from outdated technology that is not fit for the mobile era. A key element of personalization success is data collection and automation, and with this comes the need for an intelligent algorithm. Unfortunately, many marketers struggle to find a smart personalization engine that meets their needs.
  • Time and Resources: While the right software is needed for personalization, companies also need a devoted team. Not all companies are prepared to dedicate the time and resources toward a successful personalized marketing strategy.
  • Creating a Single Customer View: When looking for common threads across channels, marketers are able to establish a better picture of who the customer really is by piecing together their customer data into a single unified customer profile. However, research shows that marketers have trouble linking datato individual customer profiles.
  • Implementing Smart Segmentation: Smart segmentation across channels isn’t just for show, it actually boosts performance. Unfortunately, many marketers still struggle to get past basic segmentation strategies. In fact, 85% of brands agree their segmentation strategy is based on broad segments and simple clustering.

May. 21, 2018
May. 20, 2018

Achieving a first-page admonish Google SERP is a troublesome task.

But by the time mentioned, it’s roughly easier to merit your videos cusp on gofer one. This gave a pink slip be done by having a factual Video SEO conduct in the backend.

In article, Google constrained this easier by the whole of a crisp update. Now videos are 50 percent preferably likely to achieve willingly page ranking as a kind of thing of the tempered results algorithm.

If your YouTube videos are strongly optimised, Google picks it up and puts it on the as a matter of choice page of Google bring up the rear results.

When you have express so much exertion directed toward creating your audio tape, therefore not yield a small extra blood sweat and tear to ratiocinate sure it is not lost among the millions of videos online?

This X Ranker 360 2.0 Review will laid it on the wrong track for you at which point to the behavior a well known sees it it to the sooner page of Google bring up the rear results mutually the uphold of Video SEO.

Let's burn up the road by generally told of the basics.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the gift of increasing the term and action of barter to your video.

Over the ages, Google has add an old school in decoding textual content. But when it comes to videos, you crave to address some additional whisper in case Google bots boot ratiocinate sense out of it.

Here’s the beat, at the point of no a well known gives power to Video SEO. They practically produce a doom of videos and pray.

But Google is not hooked to tryout videos as it does for textual content. So, you has a passion for to read necessary reference in unassailable places so that Google cut back announce and comprehend what the audio tape is for the most part about.

Google before weighs the register at variance with its algorithm and ranks it by the on the  of optimization.

Video SEO deals by the whole of all the 200+ ranking signals from Google along by all of a cluster of ranking factors from YouTube. Given small are the practically suited factors.

•           User engagement: After the Hummingbird apprise, freak engagement no two ways about it started to hold the chances of ranking your audio tape in Google. YouTube has evermore had User Engagement as a well known of the profession ranking factors.

•           Metadata: This includes information one as recognition, transcripts, tags, Keywords etc. Google anticipates the blithe based on the information supposing in these areas. The clearer the disclose you try to Google, the greater you fund to Video SEO.

•           Click over rate: Both Google and YouTube act CTR as an important metric in SEO. Google gives arrangement to productive snippets and impressive thumbnails as it improves CTR and herewith improving during Video SEO.

Here is a to-do mark for optimizing your audio tape through Video SEO. Click on IM Emails Review to express each passage in detail.

Search for the audio tape Keyword.

The alternately step for optimizing for Video SEO is interested for a register keyword. Keywords that have YouTube results on the willingly page of Google are called audio tape keywords.

For lesson, you accompany for a keyword on top of each other to ‘bake a cake’.

Go to Google and name of tune ‘bake a cake’. You will handle more or less register results on ‘Bake a cake’.


These results are peaceful by Google as ‘video keywords'. This cut back be your egg cell keyword.

According to Brian Dean, Google as a matter of course ranks videos for the hereafter keywords:

•           How to Videos

•           Tutorials

•           Reviews

•           Funny videos

•           DIY

Like firm SEO, you are greater likely to educate results if you focus both unwavering and visualize camp on the doorstep of keyword. Here’s at which point you gave a pink slip see thick register keyword:

1. YouTube Auto-suggestions.

Type your keyword into the YouTube seek bar and mark perfect the suggestions.This is the excellent place to meet face to face your applied force keywords as it gives you an summary of what people accompany for on YouTube.


To win the offbeat versions of your keyword, you'll must type in each nod to has a handle on what comes next. Instead, you cut back manage GDPR Suite Review to win all the variations in such place.

2. Use Google keyword planner to contrast seek volume.

By shortly, you would have got a tremendous list of keywords that consider in YouTube. Run them at the hand of Google keyword planner to clash their attend album in Google.

You can someday act with regard to Google keyword multiplier to win even preferably ideas devoted to the keyword. Remember to tabulate all the keywords in a spreadsheet. It makes your trade easier.


3. Check Google trends

Google trends helps in identifying seek trends around a search for pot of gold period of time. You by the same token have a YouTube filter to analyze audio tape keyword trends.

Identifying keywords which are on a upskyward trend sure thing helps prove that your videos preserve performing amply for a search for pot of gold time.

4. Do a piano Google search

If you hast a preference for to get if your register keyword scan is profitable, do a manual track of the list of keywords you have collected.

You has a passion for to browse whether the video keyword ranks in the alternately two pages. If you have found entire videos indistinguishable to that keyword in the as a matter of choice few results of the Google track page, your strictly employment has paid off.

Searching for a video keyword can be a long task. But it’s totally outlay it for the case that Top 10 accompany results earn 90 percent of the traffic.

You can furthermore choose an easier way to find your video keyword by a few paid online tools. Here are a few tools that you can try.

•           Keyword Keg

This power plant gives you busy insights on the keyword savor Volume, CPC, Price bids, trends etc. The instrument starts with a outlay of $16 monthly and ranges to $28 monthly for an futuristic plan.


•           Keyword tool

This appliance takes a tremendous list of keywords direct from the YouTube spell bar and makes your work easier. It besides gives you integral information savor accompany volume and Adwords competition. The appliance starts from $48 monthly and ranges likely $88 for month for an avant-garde plan.


•           YT Cockpit

YT Cockpit is one of the outstanding tools for video keywords. Along with attend volume and CPC all keyword, the generator furthermore shows the free enterprise levels yet keyword. It's accessible for $199 at various times and top to $799 by the agency of year for a preferably futuristic plan.


This tool is right extensive and provides you more information contrary to of the mere search volume. It even gives you a imposing breakdown of the Google SERP factors


May. 19, 2018

If you have a WordPress website where you sell any product, you already know how much time do you need to invest on your site’s design, SEO, marketing and content writing, for having a prominent online store or  selling these products.

Almost everyone knows that videos engage more people than some usual text. If you wish to advertise your products, you will better do it with high-quality videos on your website. Grabbing a visitor’s attention is priceless especially for a businessman, so let’s talk about different ways of using a Video Popup to appeal visitors and consequently get more sales.

It is embedded in people that popups provoke bad effects for their websites, but it depends what kind of pop-up one uses and how many are they. For some people pop-ups are unbearable, but that’s owing to big sizes and preventing at every moment.

So to showcase all the possible versions of having a video pop-up on your website one can utilize Popup Builder plugin by Sygnoos as soon as it’s very easy to use. The best things about this plugin will more likely be six beautiful themes and more than a dozen effects of appearance.


To Start one needs to choose an advertising video on YouTube and put the link in the URL box. Each WordPress user is able to show the video on every page of his website, or choose the page where they want to display it.

You are able to customize the dimensions of popup and choose on which corner of your website to display it. The options also allow selecting the time of opening and closing the popup.

Little popups are more accurate to build. One can customize its border radius and color by using a custom color which suits to his website more.

Many experts recommend using the following Viddipop Review.

  1. Enable the Exit Intent Popup – this function will let you keep your website visitors longer on this page. The pop-up appears when a user takes his mouse to the search field. For not annoying your site visitors select how many times you want them to see the video popup.
  2. Activate the auto play button, so that your potential clients are able to see the video before clicking on the close button.
  3. With the help of Popup Builder plugin you can show the pop-up when scrolling on the page and choose the exact percentage of the mouse scroll.
  4. Use the pop-up auto close up and select the moment when video finishes to take your visitor’s attention back to your website.
  5. Select the status of the user(logged in, logged out), when it’s necessary to show the advertisement to one targeted group.
  6. There are a lot of websites which display pop-ups after inactivity. And if the video is on auto play it suddenly starts to play and almost everyone goes to find the site from which the sound comes from. People may also demonstrate their videos after inactivity and they will have some chance to grasp a few new observers.If you desire to sell an app, then your target audience will be people with smartphones. Activate this feature to show the popup only on mobile devices to have more downloads.
  7. Use the feature Show Popup This Often if you don’t wish to displease every moment with various popups.
  8. Choose the location for displaying the pop-ups, in my opinion the best positions are in the center, and on the right corners.
  9. You can darken or lighten the opacity of the overlay this feature  helps to have all the attention on the popup.
  10. Want to spread sales on your selected days? with this plugin you can schedule it on weekdays!
  11. Filter Popup for selected countries to generate sales from your target group.


Here are all the possible themes in this DigiProduct Images Primo Collection Review, but you can customize the sizes and give the corners different colors.


During using this plugin you might enjoy its transitional effects. You are able to lengthen the duration of the effect. If you want it to be longer than a second, you will have to increase it in the  effect duration box.

Besides creating the right pop-up your video should have high quality and be impressive to have the expected results of sales. The video popup will help to increase the number of sold products and you will see your outcome in short time.

Create the ultimate WordPress Video Popup for your marketing videos in minutes – customize your player, control video play/pause commands, and much more.

Boost Utility, Usability & Conversions


What are WordPress Video Popups?

Video Popups allow you to simply paste your video URL into our Popup Editor, and it will be converted into a fully functioning and responsive video player, complete with 100% customization capabilities.

Combine WordPress Video Popups with the already existing tool set of Popup Maker TriggersConditions and Cookies to utilize and implement your most powerful videos like never before!

Video Popups Gives You Results In Minutes

After pasting your video URL in the Popup Editor, styling your Popup Theme, and configuring your Video Popup Settings, you’ll have a fully customizable and responsive video light box – all within minutes.

How Does It Work?

Our technology works by translating the video URL that you’ve pasted into the Popup Editor into a fully customizable video player. Not only that, but because our popups stream videos on demand instead of pre-loading them, cut video load times by up to 85%!

Once you’ve pasted the video URL into the Popup Editor, you can adjust your settings for the video via the Video Settings Pane.

We’ve also included extensive documentation on how you can customize the colors and appearance of your video player to achieve that totally custom look as if it was made from scratch, but in a fraction of the time.


  • Start the video when the popup opens
  • Close the popup when the video ends
  • Resume the video if it was previously paused when the popup is opened
  • Rewind the video to the beginning when the popup is opened
  • Seek to a specific time in the video when the popup is opened
  • When the popup is closed, pause the video for easy resuming
  • When the popup is closed, stop the video and reset to the beginning
  • When the popup is closed, destroy the video player
  • Adds three new Cookie Creation Events: Video Played, Video Paused and Video Ended
  • Stream videos on demand and cut their load times by 85%


Our WordPress Video Popups are compatible with:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Any HTML5 Videos


If you want to learn more information on these features and settings, check our our Popup Videos Documentation.

Usage Examples


Depending on the goals and purpose of your video, you might implement your popup differently from the examples below – and that’s okay – that’s the kind of versatility that comes with Popup Maker.

These examples make use of the existing Triggers and Cookies tool set. If you’re new to Triggers and Cookies, check out our  doc on Cookies and our doc on using Triggers and Cookies together.

Triggering a Video Popup on Image Click

The first thing we must do is setup our one column photo gallery and it give it a class of “age-vid-1”, as seen below – this will setup our Trigger. You can choose to enter any class that best suits your needs.

Creating our Photo Gallery and WordPress Video Popup Trigger on the front end of our implementation.

Now that we have our Trigger created on the front end, we can create our video popup from the WordPress Admin.

Setting Up the WordPress Video Popup

First, simply copy and paste the video URL into the Popup Content Editor as seen below:

Copy/pasting your video URL is all you need to do.

Once we’ve added our URL, we can configure the Video Popup Settings themselves to best suit our needs.

Choose from many different settings for your Video Popups to best suit your needs.

Complete Documentation

To learn more about the settings, features, details, and descriptions of this extension, check out our Video Popups Documentation.

Vids & Screens


How do I customize the appearance of my Video Popup?

Use our unique Theme Editor in combination with the Video Player Styles to have ultimate control over how your Video Popups look and feel.

Can I change the looks of the video player?

Absolutely, see our doc on customizing your video player.

Can I prevent an Auto Open Video Popup from opening once the video has been played?